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Virtuoso Musical 5 Bells Panel


The Virtuoso Musical 5 Bells Panel features five different sized brushed stainless steel bells each with their own sound that can be played with the attached rubber mallets.

Virtuoso Musical 5 Bells Panel features 5 stainless steel bells that are musically tuned to give a nice sound and a new softer feel rubber mallet/beater tethered with a high strength stainless steel cable. NEW T-Slot Aluminium Posts Virtuoso Music Instruments can be supplied with or without our new T-Slot aluminium posts. Finished in Slate Grey, the posts are ASTM and EN compliant and are finished with a post cap at the top. These new posts allow for multiple configurations due to the t-slots being positioned at 45 degree intervals HDPE panel construction, with stainless steel bells and aluminium t-slot posts, this unit is ASTM compliant.

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • Brushed stainless steel bells
  • Beaters tethered by stainless steel wire rope
  • ASTM Compliant
  • Includes aluminium T-Slot posts