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At Venture Play, we understand the significant impact that school playground equipment has on the growth and development of primary school students. This understanding drives us to design, produce, and install outdoor equipment that not only injects fun into play but also bolsters the wellbeing of the young learners. Simultaneously, our equipment serves to amplify and enrich your school’s outdoor facilities.

Our portfolio boasts a wide array of playground equipment for schools, with different pieces serving various purposes. Some are designed purely with play in mind, others cater to sports and PE requirements, and there are those specifically engineered to facilitate teaching a substantial portion of the curriculum outdoors.

Furthermore, we ensure inclusivity by catering to all primary school ages, from reception to year 6. Our equipment is specifically crafted to fit distinct stages, including early years, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2.

KS1/2 Case Study

Creating the perfect training conditions for future England football sensations, Venture Play (UK) Limited have installed a 5-a-side multi- use games area at the Solihull primary school at which England star Jack Grealish was a pupil.Unveiled on 29 November 2022 and featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the school’s previously waterlogged, boggy and swampy school field has been transformed into a vibrant play surface. Where there was previously no suitable surface or space for outdoor play, the children can now enjoy a fully usable and durable games area, free draining and stable under foot - a long way from its boggy muddy past where Grealish would have played.

Former pupil Jack attended the school until the age of 11. He has gone on to achieve Premier League football success for Aston Villa and Manchester City, as well as his now established place in the national side. 

The pitch was installed over three days in November 2022 by Venture Play. The 4-strong team first created a six-inch raised platform and prepared the surface with 30 tonnes of hardcore to ensure free drainage. Using 100 square metres of Lusso 30mm olive-green artificial grass, the pitch was also finished with white artificial grass line marking. The Venture Play team installed the goal posts and the corner flags, bedecked in the School’s colours.

Venture Plays Dallan Tan said: “This was a great opportunity to transform a muddy field unsuitable for outdoor play into an all- season, all-sports area. Using artificial grass offers the children a clean and safe play environment and provides the school with a hard- wearing, long-lasting, free-draining solution. A real win-win for everyone.”Headteacher Neil Emery is very pleased with the new pitch and play area which allows the children extensive outdoor play on a safe, clean, durable surface - and maybe the new pitch will open the opportunities for the next Jack Grealish to extend their soccer skills at the School.