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Privacy Policy

To all Customers and Suppliers

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Venture Play UK Ltd Privacy Policy Dated: 25th May 2018.

Privacy Policy. 
This policy has been updated for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with effect from 25th May 2018 and confirms our current policy.

About Venture Play UK Ltd:
Venture Play UK Ltd commenced trading in the UK in March 2006.

We manufacture, sell and install, if required, a fine range of Playground Equipment, safety surfacing, artificial grass, outdoor furniture, activity play panels, outdoor classroom structures and shelters.

Venture Play UK Ltd Ltd is fully committed to the protection and privacy of individuals' data. 

Should we collect private information or data that relates to an individual, it will be used strictly in accordance with our privacy policy.

Venture Play UK Ltd controls and protects the data that we collect and will at all times be responsible to ensure that all such data is only used for the correct purposes relating to contractual matters.

Why we collect your personal information and data.
Venture Play UK Ltd will only collect and use your data for contractual matters, to include names and roll/job title, contact details, site names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

This data helps us to provide a first class service that enables us to liaise with you effectively, ensuring that we are able to deliver products and services to you efficiently. Data is used to enable us to process quotations, orders, invoices and transportation of our products. 

Obtaining Personal Data.
Venture Play UK Ltd will obtain personal data from you at the time of initial contact either by telephone, email or directly from our website Contact Page.

Who can access your personal data.
Your personal data will only ever be used by Venture Play UK Ltd staff who need to use such date during the process of providing you with product information, quotations, orders, invoices and organising transportation. 
All such duties relating to the use of your personal data are strictly controlled and overseen by the Company Director.
This strict policy will ensure that we will not sell, share or pass on any personal data to other companies, or third parties for marketing purposes, other than to transportation providers, who deliver our products to our customers.

Data Security 
Venture Play UK Ltd have measures in place to protect your private data, such as Anti Virus control and constant back up of all files on our systems to safeguard and secure information that we collect.

Retaining data.
We will only retain private data for as long as necessary to enable us to continue our business relationship and contractual matters with our customers. Customers and Suppliers will be able to obtain details of the personal data that we retain on request. This will also include requests to delete personal data from our systems if desired.

Complaints relating to the way that we use your data should be addressed to the Company Director.
Complaints will be dealt with honestly and without delay by contacting John Smith, Company Director on telephone number 0345 060 7529

Our Contact details.
Please contact Venture Play UK Ltd, 17 Balmoral Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4PE. Tel: 0345 060 7529.  Email: info@ventureplay.co.uk 
Venture Play UK Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for the misuse of any information contained in this policy or any pages of our website: www.ventureplay.co.uk