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Train Carriage No 3


Almost full, jump into the Train Carriage No.3 to secure your seat. Perfect for younger children to get excited about going on a journey, the Train Carriage No.3 will hold 2-4 small children

The Early Years Train Set products are fun and exciting set of modular train and station accessories for the children to play on. Each unit is durably built using high quality materials and unlike most of the competitive products out in the market place, the Early Years Train Set products do not feature any timber, so they will not rot, crack, split or develop splinters, which is very important when early years children are playing on them. Ernie the Engine, The Carriages, along with the Station Shop and Ticket Office Panels can all be purchased separately so you can buy what your customer needs now and you can add to them later. They are designed to be freestanding, but can also be secured to the ground with optional ground anchor lugs if required. Constructed from HDPE, the Train Carriage No.3 features 100% recycled plastic axels and LumbeRock seat planks with stainless steel handrails and fasteners.

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • 100% recycled plastic axels
  • 100% recycled LumbeRock seat planks
  • Stainless steel handrails and fasteners