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Today's date is NGP Play Panel


Happy Birthday to you! It's the 1st April and we're celebrating lots of birthdays on the Today's Date is NGP Play Panel.

This next generation Todays Date is... Panel has loads of cool new features in one panel. There are 7 sliding day discs, a back-mounted rotating date disc and a small chalkboard panel to write the month on. Not only that, this panel features a second larger chalkboard panel, where the children (or teachers) can write down whose birthday it is on that day Constructed from HDPE panel, the product features seven sliding day discs, a rotating date disc, integrated chalkboard and can either be wall or post mounted.

Product Features

  • 7x sliding day discs
  • Rotating date disc (back mounted)
  • Month chalkboard
  • Large "Happy Birthday to..." chalkboard
  • No loose pieces to worry about losing
  • Can be wall or post mounted
  • HDPE panel construction
  • Recycled plastic posts also available