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Sunflower Sums Play Panel


The Sunflower Sums Panel is an education based product featuring sliding maths sums discs which can be moved from the roots of the sunflower up to the head.

Sunflower Sums Play Panel panel has been designed with busy schools in mind. It has sliding maths sums discs which are moved from the roots of the sunflower and up to the head, where the sums take place. There is also a built in chalkboard so the children can write down the sums and the answers as the go along. All the sliding discs move easily in channels on the panel which means there are no loose parts to worry about losing or have to put away each night Constructed from HDPE panel, the product also features fan integral chalkboard for children to write out their answers and can either be wall or post mounted.

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • 4x sliding maths discs (multiply, divide, add and subtract)
  • Integral chalkboard
  • No loose pieces to worry about losing
  • Can be wall or post mounted
  • Other phonics letters, words and graphics are available
  • Recycled plastic posts also available