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Sports field Open Porto (10x20m)

Are you looking for an artificial grass sports field on which you can play to the maximum, but is your budget limited? Go for our open sports field 'Porto'. A basic sports field with numerous possibilities.

  • The best choice for a limited budget
  • Including steel goals (available in any desired RAL color)
  • From £ 26,950 (incl. VAT) including groundwork, artificial grass and goals

An artificial turf sports field, nothing more, nothing less.

Our sports field Open Porto is an artificial grass sports field of 10.00 x 20.00 m with two steel goals and football markings. Without further fuss, this is an ideal field for a residential area, a schoolyard or a campsite. The compact size provides enough room for maneuver for a limited budget. Do you prefer it a little bigger? Then view our other open sports fields without fencing:

Sports field Open United (20x30m)

Sports field Open Barca (30x50m)

This concept is just an example. We can fully adapt or expand this concept according to your wishes. Please contact one of our specialists for this.

What can you expect from this synthetic turf sports field?

The Open Porto sports field is an artificial grass sports field of 10.00 x 20.00 m with two steel goals of 250x200x80 cm that can be sprayed in any RAL colour. The field is equipped with extremely strong and multifunctional PlayGrass in the colors green and white. In the example you see football lines, but both the type of lines and the color of artificial grass can be adjusted as desired. Available colors for this are: green, blue, yellow, red, white and black. It is also possible to personalize the artificial grass sports field with a center circle logo.

Included materials and work

Do you choose this field? Then the following activities and materials are included:

  • The excavation of the current soil and sod (excl. removal of released soil)
  • Supplying and installing a solid foundation
  • Supplying and installing an edging around the sports field (concrete edging bands)
  • The installation of the artificial grass, including markings
  • Delivery and assembly of 2 large steel goals of 250x200x80 cm (available in any desired RAL color)

In terms of activities and total price, we have assumed a current situation with natural grass. Of course we can also realize this sports field at a location where there is now street work. This has consequences for the total price, this price is on request and is normally lower than an existing situation with natural grass.

The mowing edge shown (30x30 cm concrete tile) can be optionally added. This is not included in the total price.