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Small Rubber Beater/Mallet with Cable

SKU: FSU0900

Get the best out of your chimes with our rubber beater/mallet.

The Small Beater/Mallet is the ideal size to use with smaller size chimes such at the 38mm diameter and the flat bar chimes. There is more than you think that goes into the design of a good beater/mallet. We have chosen specific rubber formulations that get the best sound out of the chimes, while also making the mallet feel soft to the touch, with a good grip level and a safe rounded head. The mallets are tethered by a plastic coated stainless steel cable which runs through the mallet to ensure the mallet and cable stay together as one, we also have the addition of a stainless steel flex loop to stress relieve the cable when mounted. The beater/mallet can also be supplied with a holder that also acts as the tether point and is available to mount onto flat surfaces or round posts (circa 120mm diameter).

Product Features

  • Soft feel rubber design
  • Safe rounded mallet head
  • Stainless steel reinforced cable with flex loop
  • ASTM and EN compliant design
  • Beater/Mallet holder options available