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Sit-In Triceratops Spring Rocker

SKU: FS2018

The Triceratops Spring Rocker is hungry. Can you help him find food?

T-Rex Playground Spring Rockers allow children to sit on the spring rocker seat and rock to and fro and side to side aiding development of balance and coordination. Each has a slip-resistant seat, safety hand holds and foot rests.  We have a wide range of Dinosaur Playground Springers to choose from. Excellent fun in the school playground or local park. The playground Spring Rockers are constructed from galvanised steel and HDPE recycled plastic which means they will not rot, crack, splinter or fade in UV. Just give them a hose down or a wipe over with a sponge to keep them pristine. Fahr produces spring based products you can rely on, and not just now but into the future with full spares availability off the shelf. All Spring Playtime products are manufactured in the UK by Fahr Industries and are TV certified to EN1176. The success of Spring Playtime products is due to a combination of competitive pricing, attractive designs, full spares availability and straight forward installation, creating a product that will appeal to you, your customers and installation teams. Constructed from HDPE, the rocker features galvanised steel ground anchor and a sub-structure. The springs include a five year guarantee.

Product Features

  • Springs with 5 year guarantee
  • Galvanised steel ground anchor
  • Seat fully supported by steel bracket
  • Safety hand hold and foot rest
  • HDPE panel construction
  • Slip resistant seat
  • TUV tested to EN1176
  • FFH <0.6m