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Roller Pixel Insert


The Roller Pixel Panel Insert has 24 individually rotating 2-tone rollers.

Turn the rollers to create patterns and simple designs. This simple insert is tactile and great fun for all abilities including children with visual impairment. Our Roller Pixel insert design is far stronger and more durable against miss use than other versions on the market. It also uses stainless steel pivot pins and fasteners in its construction, making this panel 100% recyclable. The insert is made HDPE which is an extremely durable material used in the play industry for many years. Panel inserts are the ideal way to add our activities to your own in-house panels. This product supports visual stimulation and inclusive play.

Product Features

  • 24 rotating 2-tone rollers
  • Tactile and visually stimulating
  • Tough, durable and safe construction
  • Stainless steel pins and fasteners
  • Insert into your own panel or structure
  • 100% recyclable
                  505mm Dia x 44mm