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PlayTronic Tongue Drum Musical Play Panel


The Tongue Drum has a distinctive and very soothing sound, with only 6 pentatonic notes along with sensitive and fast reactions of the sensors this is an interesting instrument to play. A unique sound, with a hint of the Far East.

The play panel is constructed from HDPE, the electronics are ultra-reliable, protected by a water and tamper resistant cover, while the electronic components are covered by a three year guarantee. The Tongue Drum has 6 pentatonic notes CDEGAC. Recycled plastic or aluminium posts are also available.

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • Tongue Drum notes CDEGAC Pentatonic
  • Stainless steel touch-sensor activation
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
  • Posts also available