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PlayTronic Farm Sounds Insert


Pig, sheep, cow, horse and chicken sounds from the farm

PlayTronic Farm Sounds Insert features our RotoGen human powered kinetic energy dynamo, which also has an intelligent power monitoring system to check and protect the power input, playback ad battery protection. Let their imaginations run wild with the RotoGen PlayTronic Piano Musical Wall Play Panel. Encouraging the development of hand - eye coordination, rhythm and musicality in the playground - be a rock star at playtime! This musical panel features the RotoGen - Human Powered Generator so that you do not have to worry about regular battery changes in high use areas. The children wind the RotoGen to create the power to make their own music. The panel inserts are designed for you to insert into your own panel, to save cost and speed up implementation time. The latest generation battery powered units have an extremely long run time between battery changes, even in busy playground environments. Touch any one of the 5 stainless steel sensor buttons to hear the farm animal sounds.

Product Features

  • Long life battery powered
  • HDPE insert construction
  • Pig, sheep, cow, horse and chicken sounds
  • Stainless steel touch-sensor activation
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee

    470mm Dia x 86mm