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PlayTronic Fairground Sideshow Reactions Game


Wired power, reactions game with fun sounds. The Fairground Sideshow Reactions Game is ideally an indoor activity that is best powered from a wired outlet.

It is is a fun and interactive reactions game with "beep, beep, beeeep" countdown to start the game, the LED’s light up and flash in a random sequence and when you touch the stainless steel sensors, the light goes out, the unit plays a fun sound, such as duck quacking, tins tumbling or bottle smashing etc, and you score a point which registers on the two digital LED scoreboard. Constructed from HDPE, the product features LED lights and a sounds panel with stainless steel sensor pads. All electronics are ultra-reliable and are of commercial grade and come with a three year guarantee.

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • LED lights and sounds reactions game
  • 2-digit LED score readout
  • Polycarbonate LED light lenses
  • Stainless steel sensor pads
  • Fun sound feedback
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee