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Pentatonic 8 Flat Chimes Musical Panel Insert


Designed for you to insert into your own panel

The Pentatonic 8 Flat Chimes have a different sound to the tube chimes making them a good complimentary instrument for your ensemble. Great sound quality featuring eight aluminium flat chimes in an Pentatonic arrangement, as they say "no wrong notes!". The insert is ASTM and EN compliant, comes complete with two of our soft feel rubber mallets and holders. Constructed from HDPE the panel inserts are designed for you to insert into your own panel, to save cost (keeping more in-house) and speed up the implementation of adding great music to your existing products.

Product Features

  • Insert the activity into your own panel
  • Flat aluminium chimes
  • 8 note pentatonic - no wrong notes!
  • Great sound quality
  • HDPE construction panel
  • ASTM and EN compliant
  • Soft feel rubber mallets/beaters
        505mm dia x 61mm