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Pencil Top HDPE Fence Palisade 90 x 12mm


HDPE Pencil Top Fencing Palisades - Bright, colourful plastic playground fencing slats available in all standard sheet colours and thickness.

Constructed from HDPE, the Cut Fencing Palisades features 2-colour engraving with 12.5mm, 15mm and 19mm thickness options. Available in Densetec single colour, Densetec design panel, Densetec XD and Densetec PCR. Add a little colour to the playground with the fun pencil top fencing palisades. They are constructed from hard-wearing and durable HDPE and will not rot or splinter and are very low maintenance.

Product Features

  • UV stable HDPE palisades
  • Many colours available to choose from
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes available
  • 2-Colour engraving options available
  • Will not rot, crack or splinter
  • Do not require painting or staining