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Panna field Yucca (10x20m) - playing naturally

From our natural line: Pannaveld Yucca! An artificial grass panna field as you often see it, but with a natural look thanks to its Robinia wooden ball catchers. Perfect for a place where natural play is key!

  • Perfect for a place where natural play is key
  • Open appearance due to low, wooden ball catchers
  • From £34,950 (incl. VAT) including groundwork, wooden ball catchers, goals and artificial grass

Panna field Yucca: for everyone!

Looking for a nice size panna field with a natural look?Panna field Yucca is one of our panna fields from the 'natural play' line.A basic playing field of 10.00 x 20.00 m with an open and natural character. The wooden ball catchers, together with the steel goals and the extremely strong Play Grass, form a robust, strong and natural whole. Ideal for, for example, a public playing field in a natural environment.

This concept is just an example. We can fully adapt or expand this concept according to your wishes. Please contact one of our specialists for this.

What can you expect from this natural panna field?

Panna field Yucca is a field of 10.00 x 20.00 m with two vandalism-proof steel goals of 2.50 x 2.00 m that are available in any desired RAL color. The short sides are equipped with approximately 15 cm thick Robinia wooden ball catchers with a height of 120-150 cm. Because the ball catchers are relatively low and there is no further fence around this field, the field has a very open appearance. The field is provided with extremely strong Play Grass in the colors green and white.

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What does this natural panna field cost, including construction?

This panna field Yucca costs £ 34,950 (incl. VAT), including full construction. Do you choose this natural panna field? Then the following activities and materials are included:

  • All ground work (excavation of released soil* and realization of a solid foundation);
  • All street work (placing a concrete border around the field);
  • The installation of the artificial grass, including lines;
  • The delivery and assembly of two metal goals (250 x 200 x100 cm), available in any desired RAL colour;
  • The delivery and assembly of 120-150 cm high Robinia wooden (sanded and sapwood-free) ball catchers in accordance with the design.