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Panna cage 'Cage Deluxe' (10x20m)

 Panna field with high fencing , that's a real panna cage! Meet our panna cage 'Cage Deluxe'. A brother of our 'Multi Sport' but with full high fencing around the field. Perfect for public play areas!

  • The high fencing makes it ideal for public playgrounds
  • From £ 49,950 (incl. VAT) including groundwork, fencing, baskets, goals and artificial grass

What can you expect from this panna cage with high fencing?

This panna cage 'Cage Deluxe' is the brother of our panna cage 'Multi Sport' . The only difference? The fencing! The 'Multi Sport' only has high ball catchers, but our 'Cage Deluxe' consists of a complete cage of 3.00 to 4.00 m high. This way the ball always stays in play. The 'Cage Deluxe' is a real panna cage and therefore ideal for public playgrounds!

This concept is just an example. We can fully adapt or expand this concept according to your wishes. Please contact one of our specialists for this.

Included materials and work

Do you choose this field? Then the following activities and materials are included:

  • All earthworks (excluding removal of released soil)
  • the installation of the artificial grass and the installation of the fencing
  • 2 large goals (available in any desired RAL color)
  • 4 small goals (available in any desired RAL color)
  • 2 baskets
  • Lines in the artificial grass
  • Low-noise fencing (height: 300 cm)
  • Standard access port
  • Low-noise ball catchers (height: 400 cm)
  • Colored target areas (available in red, yellow, blue, black and white)
  • Your logo as a center circle
  • Beveled corners

The mowing edge shown (30x30 cm concrete tile) can be optionally added. This is not included in the mentioned price.