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Multi-court 2 (Football & Netball)

SKU: TMSC009-2


Introducing the Thermoplastic Playground Multi-Court 2, a versatile solution designed to elevate outdoor recreational spaces with the thrill of football and the precision of Netball. Crafted from robust thermoplastic materials, this multi-court is built to endure intense gameplay while offering a safe and enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

The seamless surface of our multi-court ensures consistent ball performance and player safety, featuring a non-slip texture that enhances traction and reduces the risk of slips and falls. Its durability against weather elements and UV resistance ensures long-lasting colour vibrancy and structural integrity, making it ideal for year-round use with minimal maintenance required.

Perfectly suited for schools, parks, and community centers, the customisable design options ensure seamless integration into any outdoor environment. Whether it's competitive matches or recreational play, the Thermoplastic Playground Multi-Court 2 sets the stage for exciting sporting moments and fosters a spirit of teamwork.

Transform your outdoor space into a hub of athletic activity with the Thermoplastic Playground Multi-Court 2 – where durability, performance, and versatility converge to create an exceptional sporting experience for everyone involved.

Dimensions - 30000 × 15000 mm