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LumiSense Play Panel


Fun, indoor play panel that combines four simple and fun activities into one

Each LumiSense game activity mode is selectable from the control facia at the bottom of the panel. Tic tac toe - a childhood favourite, O goes first, select your starting point and in turn each player can select their X or O to win or draw the game. Reactions - this is a game against the clock, when the squares light up, you need to touch them to turn them off as fast as you can. Memory - watch and listen to the sequence displayed on the panel and repeat it, see how many sequences you can get right. Pixel Paint - each individual LED light is under your control, each time you touch the light you can change the colour red, yellow, blue... etc, create patterns and designs to impress your friends. Using individually activated RGB LED light sensors it means that we can create many activities and games that can be programmed into the panel that are also simple and quick to learn for younger children. The main facia panel is a seamless HDPE panel which is easy to wipe clean and therefore hygienic.

Product Features

  • 4 LED lights and sound activities
  • Tic Tac Toe, Memory, Reactions and Pixel Paint
  • Touch sensitive panel
  • Multi-coloured LED lights
  • Wired power through low voltage PSU
  • Durable, easy clean HDPE construction