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Braille Alphabet and Number Play Panel


Engraved braille allows for enhanced learning and sensory skill development

The Braille Alphabet and Number play panel is an engraved tactile with the braille dots raised as they should be for reading braille. The panel is supplied in high contrast orange/black, which is also good for children with visual impairments. The panel is made from XD HDPE, which has a recycled black core, it is a virtually unbreakable and rigorously tested recyclable plastic. Each panel can be wall mounted or installed with our aluminium t-slot posts posts for in ground fixing. This product supports both touch and visual stimulation as well as inclusive play.

Product Features

  • Lower cost 15mm HDPE construction
  • Recycled black core XD
  • Engraved text and tactile braille symbols
  • Support braille learning
  • Available with aluminium t-slot posts
  • Combine panels to create custom layouts
  • 100% recyclable