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38mm Tube Chimes (set of 8) Rail Mounted


Great sound and sustain from these compact tube chimes.

The economical and quick way to add music to your existing product line. The 38mm Tube Chimes are a set of 5 Pentatonic chimes CDEGA that are mounted using two simple strips of HDPE. They are pre-assembled so all you need to do is attach them to your post, panels or structures. We can also supply soft feel rubber beaters/mallets with or without holders as an option if you require. Regardless of the materials you use and work with to construct your own products, our musical components range will be able to offer you something that will add some sensory sound to your product's play value.

Product Features

  • 38mm diameter aluminium tube chimes
  • Bright nickel brushed finish
  • Great sound quality
  • Economically priced with HDPE rails
  • Easily mounted to your own panel or product
  • Soft feel rubber mallets/beaters and holders available